Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

How insane! My very first snow day! No school! I remember being in 4th grade saying, oh, I really wish it could snow a bunch so we could have a snow day and miss school and being disappointed every year when there wouldn't be a speck of snow. Which was one leverage my grandparents had in trying to persuade me to move to Boise when I was little because in Boise it snows every winter. And guess what! It is suppose to snow on the 23rd, 24th, and 25th of December [Edit: The weather is freakishly changing every couple of hours, now it will "rain" the 22nd and 26th]. But I especially like the reasoning of the Clark County School District, "due to weather conditions and for the safety of students, all schools will be closed". I didn't realize a couple inches of snow was so dangerous.

And I had work yesterday night when the snow was really coming down--and my work is outside--and obviously nothing got done.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie!

Since my friends and I are lazy we never ended up making our shirts so we went out and bought new ones from Hot Topic instead.

We got to the movie theatre at 7:00 last night and started to get nervous because we didn't see anyone...until we turned the corner, there were about two dozen people sitting on the ground by the door. So the 7 of us sat down and played Rummy part of the time, and were bored out of our minds other part, extremely excited and extremely tired, trying to keep our eye lids open.
It was hilarious when they let us, about 150 crazed girls, in everyone jumped up and started screaming. The screaming happened several more times; when the previews started and the lights went out--since we were waiting for so long it was a relief to know the movie was right after the previews, when a preview starring Kristin Stewart popped up, and, of course, when the movie actually started.

We didn't get home till around 3 in the morning and since I wake up at 5-5:30ish for school. I was unbelievably tired. I felt like I needed to pull over on the way to school while I was driving, I didn't think I would make it. And school was pretty funny, it seemed like nearly every girl was in sweats and sleeping in class.

* Spoiler Below--If you haven't seen the movie!*

Overall I loved the movie. I'm not sure if its just cause I love the book or if it was actually really good. I was too excited to tell.

The beginning really hacked me off though, they seemed to think that was of the least importance. They didn't build Edward and Bella's relationship very well, they didn't really talk at dinner after Edward saved Bella from the men in the alley and they didn't talk in the car which was one of my favorite parts and I thought it was really important. Jacob wasn't even the one who told Bella that Edward was a vampire, and Bella met Jacob right when she got to Forks, her very first day, none of her fancy flirting moves.

And there were a few random scene's that weren't even in the book, such as on the way home from dinner, when Bella is suppose to already know Edward is a vampire, they stop off someplace and run into Carlisle and Charlie. Charlie is very upset because his friend had just died from an 'animal' attack and Bella goes in and comforts him, meanwhile Edward is having a silent conversation with Carlisle about the attack. They should have exchanged that scene for the vampire talk.

But the ending was perfectly done! Which made up for the beginning not being as perfect, I was on the edge of my seat during the fight between Edward and James, and I already knew what would happen. It was also hilarious. I was laughing almost the whole time. I still keep picturing Edwards face when he sits next to Bella in Biology, a bit exaggerated but I could not stop laughing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Twilight Shirt's :D

A bunch of my friends and I are going to the first midnight showing of Twilight in a couple weeks. Woo hoo! We are all really excited and decided that we wanted to make matching shirts to wear to the movie. The problem is--we can't think of what to put on them. I googled a few funny stuff we could put but I didn't find a a whole lot so if anyone has any ideas...

Here's what we have;

1. Real men sparkle.

2. "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb"

3. "What if im not the superhero...what if I'm the bad guy?"

4. Edward Cullen: Bringing sexy back since 1918.

5. Frequently dazzled by Edward.

6. OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)

7. Eternal damnation never looked so good.

8. You think your life sucks? I'm in love with a 100 year old, non-existent vampire!

9. My other home is in Forks, Washington.

10. I brake for shiny, silver Volvos.

11. Edward makes me sparkle.

12. I'm bringing sexy back! (picture of Edward) Justin sure as heck didn't.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We're back...

Disneyworld was alright.
I spent the majority of the trip being pushed in a wheelchair. So while every one's feet were hurting from all the walking around, my buttocks was hurting from all the sitting around. That might also explain why I was very impatient when it came to everyone stopping to get ice cream and me wanting to immediately go to the next ride (I was like that when we went to Europe though too, so maybe it wasn't because I was just sitting in a wheelchair the whole time, I guess I'm very impatient when it comes to vacationing. I like to get a move on it... no wasting any time). But I love those roller coasters. The last time we went to Disneyworld it was about 7 or 8 years ago. Surprisingly I didn't remember a whole lot from that last time. But I do remember being completely and utterly terrified of The Hollywood Tower of Terror. I had my eyes closed the whole time and I don't think I have ever held onto anything so hard before than the handle bar on the seat. I have the picture to prove it. But this time it was way more fun. My dad, Emma and I rode that ride 4 times in a row. Me and Emma are quite the little dare devils, we will go on anything. Not that Disney has any really crazy rides but compared to Morgan and my mom, who would hardly go on anything, we are some pretty tough cookies.

The weird thing is I almost think I was more excited to get back to the hotel and finish my book than to go to the different theme parks. I'm starting to become overly obsessed with reading, but I hardly think that's a bad thing, but I'm sure my parent's would beg to differ. I seriously, randomly picked out a book at Barnes & Noble from their New Release section. The Summoning. It was extremely good. I would definitely recommend reading it. It's about a girl, Chloe, who loves movies and goes to an art school. She can also see dead people. When she sees her first ghost she freaks out and gets sent to Lyle House for the 'disturbed teens'. But there is something off about the house, it's not what it seems.

Now I am waiting for this next book to come out, which isn't going to take as long as the next Hunger Games, thankfully.

I finished that book half-way through my trip and started another that Jenny recommend me to read. Battle Royale. That was another great book and it was a LOT like the Hunger Games. The only problem was it seems to originally be written in Japanese, so the names never changed and it was hard keeping all the names straight, but I eventually got them down. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm almost there...only 4 more chapters to go. So far its been a very good book, especially if you are having Hunger Game withdrawals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Another Book

I feel like I'm on a roll here...I'm just about finished with The Host. The only thing is, if I end up flying to Florida I won't have anything to read on the way there. I'm all out of books at my house and I haven't heard of anything new that interests me. So I'm needing some help here. Currently I've been liking all these science fiction love give me some idea's before I leave.
Anyways back to The Host, I started reading it when I first bought it a couple months ago and I never really got into it. I only got past the first two chapters and I was really confused. But Saturday I decided to try reading it again and once you get past the slow beginning, it's pretty darn good. I'm surprised how much I like it right now. I'm just really hoping it doesn't have a bad ending...don't soil it for me though. I'm almost there. Only about 50 more pages.
And as for the Hunger Games. Emma finished it and loved it. Then I let my friend Kylee borrow it and she's about half-way through and she really likes it, but I guess her mom saw it and started to read it and she loves it. I thought that was kind of funny. A little chain reaction...
Now Disneyworld. I find out today if I'll be able to go, at 2:15. If the doctor gives me the ok I can go and if I'm not in to much pain or anything when I get my new brace. I am extremely excited! I haven't been able to bend my knee for nearly 2 weeks now. I bet it will feel so good to finally stretch that knee out! I'll be able to put my own shoes & socks on, sit in my desk at school properly, and maybe even walk faster right away. My only concern for Disneyworld is the flight, hopefully I'm not to uncomfortable sitting on a plane for 8 hours. I know I can hardly stand sitting at school for 3 hours and even then I get a break to walk to my next class I still hate it. Hmm. I'll just have to tough it out. Disneyworld's worth it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


And since nothing new is happening in my life because I am stuck at home unable to do anything more than slowly make my way to the couch and watch TV, I have nothing new to post besides anything to do with my knee. I also just saw my moms lovely pictures of me on her blog. Greeeat. I didn't even know she took those! But that was a very painful weekend, I do not want to go through that again. And this knee brace I have now is a pain in the butt. I'm just counting down the days till I can get my new smaller brace that allows me to bend my knee, it will be like Christmas. And speaking of bending me knee, after my surgery I'm suppose to go two weeks without bending my knee and I'll tell you, my hamstrings on my right leg are extra stretches. But I'm starting to get around a lot better now without my crutches, and I just recently started going up and down the stairs by myself. WooHoo. Anyways here's a picture of my knee underneath my brace and since my knee still pretty swollen it doesn't even look like I have a knee. It looks like one straight leg. Haha.

P.S. the writing right below the bottom of my pants says "yes" with an arrow pointing to my knee cap in permanent marker so they knew which knee to fix. I've scrubbed it and it's very very slowly fading away...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Hunger Games

I literally just finished it. I loved it. I just hate how it just stops, I need the next one now. It's going to drive me crazy not knowing what's going to happen next...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Smart Remarks...

I finally decided to read the book you guys are reading this month. It looked good so I went out and bought it yesterday. I haven't had a whole lot of time to read it yet, im only on page 20 somethin, but I'll make time...

Friday, September 26, 2008

I am a nerd.

I finished my book Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close and my class just started reading the first chapter. I guess I am just an overachiever.

I decided I am going to give my book review on it, this book is now one of my favorite's and right up there with Harry Potter and Twilight, not ever kidding. I thought it was going to be some long drawn out book about some family and how they lived through their lives after the disastrous 9/11. was just like that but not how I thought it would be. It only had a few refrences to 9/11 but it was still definatelly a 9/11 book. This story is about a little 9 year old genious boy whose father was killed on September 11th in the second tower. It is also about his grandmother and her sad little love story about how her husband left her at a very hard time in her life. It was a very sad and depressing book, but it made me laugh a ton.

This little boy, Oskar Schell, is an inventor, Francophile, tambourine player, Shakespearean actor, jeweler, pacifist, amateur entomologist, vegan, orgamist, percussionist, amateur asronomer, computer consultant, and amateur archeologist. I also can't forget he speaks pretty good french. His idol is Stephen Hawking. He collects rare coins, postage stamps, butterflies that died in natural deaths, miniture cacti, Beatles memorabilia, semiprecious stones, and other things.

He wants to invent a bird-seed shirt, so when you wear it birds will come and pick you up and fly you to safety. He want's skyskrapers to move and elevators to stay in place. He wants a portable pocket so you can velcrow it to your pants and take it with you anywhere and have plenty of pocketspace so you can have bigger matches because matches are to small and they burn your fingers, and they are small because our pockets are small, so if we have bigger portable pockets...problem solved.

I loved this book :]


I went to see an Orthopedic Surgeon yesterday. He told me the way my knees were built makes me prone to having a dislocated patella, I have knocked knees, whatever that means. He also said that I might have to have surgery to fix this problem so it won't happen again, so I have to get an MRI by Tuesday so he can find out if my knee is centered correctly or not. If it's centered correctly I will most likely just go to physical therapy to strengthen my knee muscles, I didn't know knees had muscles. If it's not centered perfectly then he is going to go in and have surgery on it and it will really decrease my chances of this happening again. I'm terrified of surgery.

On a happier note, everyone at my work thinks I'm some supernatural person because I was all very calm when this happened and I also showed up to work the next day with my shnazzy knee brace on.
One of the guys I work for said "[Hayley] is one tough broad" obviously he is older cause I don't know anyone who has used that type of vernacular since the 1920's. My boss's son said "If I ever get in a fight or get hurt or anything all I am going to think is...What would Hayley do?" another one of my favorites was from this kid that saw it all happen..."WHAT!?!? After all that...I can't believe you came to work today!" I also got a lot of "wow your really tough".
I pretty much feel like 'one hundred dollars' (Quote from the book Extremely Load & Incredibly Close), except for my leg which is in a lot of pain right now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Troubles :[

I had a very action packed night at work yesterday night. I was just another extremely boring day at work, where I wanted to just lay on the ground and fall asleep. Well I got one of those wishes...I was just bent down to pick something up and I was turning around to go help the guy next to me when 'pop' my knee blows out...Again.
I was just laying on the ground, thinking "Oh crap, why work, of all places!" and "Why couldn't something cool have happened, like I was running from some crazy guy who wanted my money, or I was just cliff diving, not I just turned around and pop, my knee is out of my socket." But anyways, I was just laying there and I was like "Uh, can I get some help?" So a couple people see that I am on the ground and they have no idea what to do, they are all just standing around me, which is totally embarrassing, so I have to be the one that says "Can one of you guys get help or something?" They were totally clueless. So then someone calls 911 and then I say "Does anyone have another phone I can use to call my parents?" like that wasn't the total obvious thing to do. I'm the one with my knee cap on the side of my leg just laying on the ground in excruciating pain, but totally calm, having to take control of everything and tell people what to do. I think it's pretty funny, I wouldn't have known what to do either.
So I was there on the ground for maybe 10 mins when the firemen showed up and they started to question me and put me on a gurney. Then the paramedics showed up right when they put me on the gurney, and right as they were putting me in the paramedic truck my parents come running over. Perfect Timing.
So it was a bumpy ride and long ride. The drive was from Grand Teton & Durango to the Summerlin ER. I was always terrified of getting an IV but it doesn't scare me anymore cause if you ever need one you are probably in more pain than having that needle go into your arm. It's all a little hazy from then on cause of all the morphine they gave me but I know they got lost trying to find the pediatrics so we were rolling all over the hallways. Then when they found it the doctor just acted like she was checking my knee and then she just popped it right into place, and it was such a relief. It still hurt like crazy, but it relieved a lot of stress on my knee. I almost think my mom had it worse than me, she had just taken 3 Tylenol PM's when I called and then she was stuck at the hospital for 4 hours just sitting there, waiting, while I was in my nice cozy little cot sleeping. We didn't even get home till about 2am. But while I was awake a little after the doctor popped it back in I remember asking my mom if she had taken any pictures of my knee when it was popped out and when she told me no I was all disappointed. I was hoping that would gross everyone out as much as Sara's ankle picture. And then I said that I was excited to go home and blog about it, because I hadn't had anything to blog about in a while. :D
My mom took pictures while I was at the hospital with my knee back in place. I'll post those soon...

Here's my knee almost exactly 2 years and 3 months ago...

I'm also hoping for a faster recovery. It took me a week to go without a wheel chair or crutches and walk around just with my brace on. Currently I am walking around with my brace on. Last time it took me about a month to be able to walk without crutches or a brace, I'm hoping for a week or two. Or at least before homecoming, because I'm not wearing this nasty brace there. But I already lost all my muscle in my right leg. :/ Which is crazy, cause I worked hard, all that conditioning for Tennis this past month and a half...It's all gone.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I am reading this book for my Modern Literature class this year. I just started it, maybe an hour ago, and it's already getting really good, which makes me so happy cause I never enjoy school books. It's about a little 10 years old boy who's father was killed on September 11. So this is my little tribute to recognize September 11, today, and inspire someone to read this book. :]

I just finished reading some more, and its really weird.
Now I'm kinda iffy about it.

Just kidding. :]
I completely understand it now.
It's one of my favorites now,
I would definitely recommend reading,
it is a little risqué though.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What the...

I was at work today and me and a co-worker were just doing our job when he pointed out to me this huge black thing just chillin on the ground. We couldn't really figure out what it was so we just kind of looked at it for a long time. It was huge, I have never in my whole life seen a bug so freakin big. Steve, my co-worker, decided to throw a rock at it to see if it would fly away. It literally had a wing span of 3 inches. It was insane. It looked similar to this:

Yeah, it was that nasty!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wii Fit

Wii Fit

We just recently got Wii Fit. It's actually really fun, lots of games that strength your core or teach you better balancing skills. All the yoga training is hilarious to watch and even more to do, between Emma trying to do the Tree and Jack doing the Warrior pose...none of us have great balancing skills.

But the one thing that has me cracking up to this very second is before every 'game' they take a good 30 seconds explaining to you the floor around you needs to be clean and free of anything that may be in your way. We actually all did just that, cleaned up everything off the floor in our upstairs TV room. What they dont bother to tell you is took look for large hanging objects on the ceiling which can be a danger to your fingers while doing the Tree pose. Emma nearly chopped her fingers off on our ceiling fan which was going full speed at the time. Becareful! :D

The Tree Pose is the First example on the box.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Feet

I went to work today for 6 and a half hours, 6 and a half long hot hours baking in the sun. When I got home and took off my shoes I discovered that my feet have at least 3 different shades of...I guess you can call them tans.
First I have my sock tan that I get every year from tennis practice, nothing I'm not use to.
Second I have my Flip Flop tan line from my day at the beach a week or two ago.
Third I got my 'shoe' tan line from work today, It is about an inch below my sock tan line and for some reason it goes all the way down and through the lip of my shoe so I have some weird zig-zag where my shoe laces appeared.

I pretty much feel really unique now.
I tried to take a picture of it,
but it doesnt show up real well on camera.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Wade vs. Hayley

Tennis Championship
Today's Score:

The Final Score:
I'm not completely sure what happened,
but it was a whole lot easier to beat my dad today,
I guess he's just getting old & its slowing him down...
Lucky us though, we had Jack as our ball runner.
He worked up a sweat.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Wade vs. Hayley

Tennis Championship
Today's Score:

The Final Score:
Heck yes! I won again, but I screwed up my wrist playing today and had to run to Walmart to get a wrist brace.

Family Home Video Day

Wanna see something really groovin?
Yes, it was just as embarrasing to watch as it was to make.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wade vs. Hayley

Tennis Championship
I've been dying to get someone, anyone to play tennis with me. I was finally able to persuade my dad to do so but the stakes were high. If I won the match I would get 20 bucks for gas money, if my dad won I would have to wax his truck. Thinking this would be easy breezy lemon squeezy I agreed...It actually wasn't as easy as I presumed it to be.
The Final Score:
Our rematch is on Monday...
Let's just say my car will no longer be on empty.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I got my hair trimmed the other day, the guy that cut it asked me if anyone had told me I looked like a celebrity. "uh, not really" I told him. Afterwards he went on about how much I looked like a young Anna Nicole.
I know I was told that a lot when I was younger but now? hmm. What do you think?

(Check Poll on right)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Can Crushing

A few months ago my family and I decided we wanted to recycle all of our soda cans because we went through so many. Our trashcan started to get so full, we realized we needed to stomp them flat in order to save space. Don't be fooled, this is a lot tougher than it looks...



I know. I know. I havent been updating my blog for a very extensive period of time, but hopefully thats going to change. Just to update everyone on my life...

My summer is going great. I've been working a lot in hopes to pay off my car payments that I still owe, so if anyone needs a me.

I've done a few new things this summer like snorkled over the 3rd largest reef in the world and shot a shot gun, but I've also learned a few new things too:
#1. It is very possible to only get a sun burn on your knee caps.
#2. An escalator is never temporarily broken, its only temporarily stairs.
#3. It takes 27 flies to push down a single piano key...according to Jack.
#4. Conch is very yummy.
#5. It is not probable but very possible for an airline to lose 8 suitcases.

I am about to start my 4th and final year of tennis at my school which also means its my last year of highschool. Im going to be a senior. A big bad senior. whoo hoo. I've also been looking around at different colleges and trade schools trying to decide what I am going to do.

Before summer started I made a goal to read as many books as i possibly could. I'm going to start #13 on august 2nd, if anyone can guess what book that is.... ;] Emma and I are going to the midnight party!

Monday, February 25, 2008


one of my friends showed me this. i thought it was way funny and cute.