Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie!

Since my friends and I are lazy we never ended up making our shirts so we went out and bought new ones from Hot Topic instead.

We got to the movie theatre at 7:00 last night and started to get nervous because we didn't see anyone...until we turned the corner, there were about two dozen people sitting on the ground by the door. So the 7 of us sat down and played Rummy part of the time, and were bored out of our minds other part, extremely excited and extremely tired, trying to keep our eye lids open.
It was hilarious when they let us, about 150 crazed girls, in everyone jumped up and started screaming. The screaming happened several more times; when the previews started and the lights went out--since we were waiting for so long it was a relief to know the movie was right after the previews, when a preview starring Kristin Stewart popped up, and, of course, when the movie actually started.

We didn't get home till around 3 in the morning and since I wake up at 5-5:30ish for school. I was unbelievably tired. I felt like I needed to pull over on the way to school while I was driving, I didn't think I would make it. And school was pretty funny, it seemed like nearly every girl was in sweats and sleeping in class.

* Spoiler Below--If you haven't seen the movie!*

Overall I loved the movie. I'm not sure if its just cause I love the book or if it was actually really good. I was too excited to tell.

The beginning really hacked me off though, they seemed to think that was of the least importance. They didn't build Edward and Bella's relationship very well, they didn't really talk at dinner after Edward saved Bella from the men in the alley and they didn't talk in the car which was one of my favorite parts and I thought it was really important. Jacob wasn't even the one who told Bella that Edward was a vampire, and Bella met Jacob right when she got to Forks, her very first day, none of her fancy flirting moves.

And there were a few random scene's that weren't even in the book, such as on the way home from dinner, when Bella is suppose to already know Edward is a vampire, they stop off someplace and run into Carlisle and Charlie. Charlie is very upset because his friend had just died from an 'animal' attack and Bella goes in and comforts him, meanwhile Edward is having a silent conversation with Carlisle about the attack. They should have exchanged that scene for the vampire talk.

But the ending was perfectly done! Which made up for the beginning not being as perfect, I was on the edge of my seat during the fight between Edward and James, and I already knew what would happen. It was also hilarious. I was laughing almost the whole time. I still keep picturing Edwards face when he sits next to Bella in Biology, a bit exaggerated but I could not stop laughing.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Twilight Shirt's :D

A bunch of my friends and I are going to the first midnight showing of Twilight in a couple weeks. Woo hoo! We are all really excited and decided that we wanted to make matching shirts to wear to the movie. The problem is--we can't think of what to put on them. I googled a few funny stuff we could put but I didn't find a a whole lot so if anyone has any ideas...

Here's what we have;

1. Real men sparkle.

2. "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb"

3. "What if im not the superhero...what if I'm the bad guy?"

4. Edward Cullen: Bringing sexy back since 1918.

5. Frequently dazzled by Edward.

6. OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)

7. Eternal damnation never looked so good.

8. You think your life sucks? I'm in love with a 100 year old, non-existent vampire!

9. My other home is in Forks, Washington.

10. I brake for shiny, silver Volvos.

11. Edward makes me sparkle.

12. I'm bringing sexy back! (picture of Edward) Justin sure as heck didn't.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

We're back...

Disneyworld was alright.
I spent the majority of the trip being pushed in a wheelchair. So while every one's feet were hurting from all the walking around, my buttocks was hurting from all the sitting around. That might also explain why I was very impatient when it came to everyone stopping to get ice cream and me wanting to immediately go to the next ride (I was like that when we went to Europe though too, so maybe it wasn't because I was just sitting in a wheelchair the whole time, I guess I'm very impatient when it comes to vacationing. I like to get a move on it... no wasting any time). But I love those roller coasters. The last time we went to Disneyworld it was about 7 or 8 years ago. Surprisingly I didn't remember a whole lot from that last time. But I do remember being completely and utterly terrified of The Hollywood Tower of Terror. I had my eyes closed the whole time and I don't think I have ever held onto anything so hard before than the handle bar on the seat. I have the picture to prove it. But this time it was way more fun. My dad, Emma and I rode that ride 4 times in a row. Me and Emma are quite the little dare devils, we will go on anything. Not that Disney has any really crazy rides but compared to Morgan and my mom, who would hardly go on anything, we are some pretty tough cookies.

The weird thing is I almost think I was more excited to get back to the hotel and finish my book than to go to the different theme parks. I'm starting to become overly obsessed with reading, but I hardly think that's a bad thing, but I'm sure my parent's would beg to differ. I seriously, randomly picked out a book at Barnes & Noble from their New Release section. The Summoning. It was extremely good. I would definitely recommend reading it. It's about a girl, Chloe, who loves movies and goes to an art school. She can also see dead people. When she sees her first ghost she freaks out and gets sent to Lyle House for the 'disturbed teens'. But there is something off about the house, it's not what it seems.

Now I am waiting for this next book to come out, which isn't going to take as long as the next Hunger Games, thankfully.

I finished that book half-way through my trip and started another that Jenny recommend me to read. Battle Royale. That was another great book and it was a LOT like the Hunger Games. The only problem was it seems to originally be written in Japanese, so the names never changed and it was hard keeping all the names straight, but I eventually got them down. I haven't finished it yet, but I'm almost there...only 4 more chapters to go. So far its been a very good book, especially if you are having Hunger Game withdrawals.