Monday, November 3, 2008

Twilight Shirt's :D

A bunch of my friends and I are going to the first midnight showing of Twilight in a couple weeks. Woo hoo! We are all really excited and decided that we wanted to make matching shirts to wear to the movie. The problem is--we can't think of what to put on them. I googled a few funny stuff we could put but I didn't find a a whole lot so if anyone has any ideas...

Here's what we have;

1. Real men sparkle.

2. "And so the lion fell in love with the lamb"

3. "What if im not the superhero...what if I'm the bad guy?"

4. Edward Cullen: Bringing sexy back since 1918.

5. Frequently dazzled by Edward.

6. OCD (Obsessive Cullen Disorder)

7. Eternal damnation never looked so good.

8. You think your life sucks? I'm in love with a 100 year old, non-existent vampire!

9. My other home is in Forks, Washington.

10. I brake for shiny, silver Volvos.

11. Edward makes me sparkle.

12. I'm bringing sexy back! (picture of Edward) Justin sure as heck didn't.


Vegas Family said...

My vote is for- Edward Makes Me Sparkle (with pink sparkles) Since I am placing a big order also my vote should have some pull here.

Midnight, Thursday, huh? Just plan of getting up for school friday morning.
I am going to the 7 o'clockish showing the next day with my group. That time may work better for your early morning schedule.

Jenny ESP said...

Hmmm, I missed this post--it didn't pop up on my blog. I think you should make Homemade T-shirts, so you're all original. You can get iron-on letters at Michael's--piece of cake, I do it all the time. Nerd. Some suggestions:

Mrs. Cullen (you know, like Mrs. Pitt, or Mrs. Fedderline... get it?)

"His breath made it impossible to think." (<--direct quote from Twilight)

Hatchbacks Are Sexy
(check out this youtube video to get what I mean: )

As for me, I'm gonna wear my real life official Forks, WA hoodie and bring my "Forks" key chain.

Cristin said...

I LOOOOOOOVE all your choices...can you get one of each and send one to me????

Katie said...

I missed your post somehow too. I am voting for the first one. I forgot what it said after reading all the comments. I hope I am not too late.

Mary said...

I like #6. OCD (very clever)