Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie!

Since my friends and I are lazy we never ended up making our shirts so we went out and bought new ones from Hot Topic instead.

We got to the movie theatre at 7:00 last night and started to get nervous because we didn't see anyone...until we turned the corner, there were about two dozen people sitting on the ground by the door. So the 7 of us sat down and played Rummy part of the time, and were bored out of our minds other part, extremely excited and extremely tired, trying to keep our eye lids open.
It was hilarious when they let us, about 150 crazed girls, in everyone jumped up and started screaming. The screaming happened several more times; when the previews started and the lights went out--since we were waiting for so long it was a relief to know the movie was right after the previews, when a preview starring Kristin Stewart popped up, and, of course, when the movie actually started.

We didn't get home till around 3 in the morning and since I wake up at 5-5:30ish for school. I was unbelievably tired. I felt like I needed to pull over on the way to school while I was driving, I didn't think I would make it. And school was pretty funny, it seemed like nearly every girl was in sweats and sleeping in class.

* Spoiler Below--If you haven't seen the movie!*

Overall I loved the movie. I'm not sure if its just cause I love the book or if it was actually really good. I was too excited to tell.

The beginning really hacked me off though, they seemed to think that was of the least importance. They didn't build Edward and Bella's relationship very well, they didn't really talk at dinner after Edward saved Bella from the men in the alley and they didn't talk in the car which was one of my favorite parts and I thought it was really important. Jacob wasn't even the one who told Bella that Edward was a vampire, and Bella met Jacob right when she got to Forks, her very first day, none of her fancy flirting moves.

And there were a few random scene's that weren't even in the book, such as on the way home from dinner, when Bella is suppose to already know Edward is a vampire, they stop off someplace and run into Carlisle and Charlie. Charlie is very upset because his friend had just died from an 'animal' attack and Bella goes in and comforts him, meanwhile Edward is having a silent conversation with Carlisle about the attack. They should have exchanged that scene for the vampire talk.

But the ending was perfectly done! Which made up for the beginning not being as perfect, I was on the edge of my seat during the fight between Edward and James, and I already knew what would happen. It was also hilarious. I was laughing almost the whole time. I still keep picturing Edwards face when he sits next to Bella in Biology, a bit exaggerated but I could not stop laughing.


Jenny ESP said...

I saw it tonight! I loved it! There was only one thing that bugged and that was the weird, creepy, downer, background music, similar to Labyrinth. Huh? Where were all the cool songs from the sound track? I was laughing and screaming through the movie too. It was like a big party in there. So much fun.

eekareek said...

I love Edward.

That movie was the best because
#1. Edward
#2. Me watching Edward for 2 hours
#3. Everyone in the theater screaming and having fun.

Hot Pants said...

The music was more like the 1970ish version of Freaky Friday, and Jenny knows it. My theater was full of old ladies and a few teenagers who had skipped school. And I am pretty sure Edward was looking at me the whole time.

Katie said...

This is the most accurate review i have seen. It was a good time mixed in with a few disappointments. I just kept thinking that I could have done a better job at following the book. Overall-a super good time, and Edward? Uh, yeah, I liked him.

ManicMandee said...

This is the first time I've really read your blog and commented. But I'll try to keep up from now on. Glad you liked the movie!